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We provide easy Car Removal Sydney wide. If you have a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident or simply written-off, call us.

We will tow your damaged car away for free.

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We Pay Highest Cash for Accidental Cars.

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    Get Up To $7,999 in Cash For Accidental Cars

    Hashtag Car Removal is a licensed accident car removal service provider in Sydney. We have years of experience in this industry and provide you with top-quality service without any hassle.

    By following a few simple steps you can get rid of your accident-damaged car in no time.

    1. Call us or fill out the online quote form.
    2. Get a FREE instant quote for your vehicle.
    3. Schedule vehicle pick-up
    4. Enjoy top dollar and our FREE car removal services.

    We provide reliable service throughout Sydney, NSW. And we are well equipped to remove your vehicle without causing any damage to the surrounding area.

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    Accident Car Removal

    Get FREE Car Removal Service and More

    Whether you want to get rid of your written-off vehicle or just need to sell your scrap car, we are here to make that happen.

    We have trained people working for us that provide you with top-quality removal services. We know how expensive towing can be. That’s why we offer our customers FREE towing and offer them top cash up to $7,999 for their scrap vehicles.

    You can sell us your old

    • SUV
    • Truck
    • Sedan
    • Bus
    • 4×4

    We buy them all no matter their make or model. Call us today and get a FREE quote for your vehicle within minutes.

    If you live in Sydney, look no further. Hashtag Car Removal will provide you with a stress-free accident car removal process.

    We Buy Accidental Damaged Cars and Help the Environment

    Hashtag Car Removal prevents your accident-damaged vehicles from rusting in scrap yards. We provide services of accident car removal so that all the functioning materials from the car can be reused.

    Our car disposals, can easily dismantle the unwanted vehicle and salvage the usable spare parts from it. These parts are either reused or sold at affordable prices.

    The metal frame for the car is sent to be recycled and used in different industries. This prevents the extraction of metal ore from the earth, hence reduces pollution and greenhouse gasses.

    If you have a vehicle that has been badly damaged in an accident or is written off, call us. Our team will be at your service 24/7 helping you along the whole car removal process.

    By working with us, you will help the Australian Government reduce the expenses of removing abandoned vehicles from the roadside. And this will help make the city scenic again.

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    Cash For Accidental Cars Sydney