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HashtagCarRemoval is the best auto wrecker in Sydney. We can offer cash up to $7,999 upfront and even remove your car free of charge.

We also sell top-quality recycled auto parts for many makes and models of vehicles. So if you require a car wrecking service we are the best choice for you in Sydney.

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We Pay Highest Cash for Scrap Cars.

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    Sydney Car Wreckers Accept All Types Of Cars

    Hashtag Car Removal has a fully functioning scrap car yard located in Sydney. Because of our convenient location, we can serve the whole of NSW efficiently.

    Our free car removal service includes cleaning, dismantling, and recycling all of the cars we buy. We buy all variety of cars including

    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Classics
    • American

    We offer high-quality spare parts at reasonable prices. Whether you need your unwanted vehicle wrecked or need some refurbished parts, we are here to help you.

    Just call us and our customer service assistants will be available to help you with your queries.

    Car Wreckers Sydney

    Using Our Services Vs Doing It Yourself

    Some people prefer doing car wrecking themselves. But even if you are familiar with the mechanics of the car many factors need to be considered.

    For example, there are:

    • There are hundreds of small components that need to be taken out
    • The car parts salvaged need to be sold to various buyers
    • Need to visit many buyers for the best prices.
    • Need to comply with the eco-friendly waste disposal regulations when disposing of toxic wastes.

    This is a long and tedious process. You can save yourself from all this hassle by simply using our services.

    With Car Wreckers Sydney we pick the car from your location for free and offer you up to $7,999 cash for cars in Sydney. We handle the complete recycling of the vehicle and all of the paperwork.

    Call now to sell your unwanted car for a great deal.

    When Do You Know It’s Time To Call Car Wreckers Sydney

    A car is when in top condition works like a well-oiled machine because that’s what it is, but when you notice that the car is having a frequent breakdown and it’s costing you a lot more than what you get from it.

    Then it is time to face reality and sell your car and no one offers a better deal than Sydney car wreckers.

    Other instances when you can use our services

    1. When you have a non-Roadworthy vehicle standing in your driveway.
    2. If your car model is older than 15 years.
    3. If your car is parked in a location without use for over 10 months.
    4. When your vehicle has started developing rust spots on the body.
    5. You want to upgrade to a newer vehicle and don’t know what to do with the old one.
    6. Don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your old car via private sale.

    You can reach us in any of the above scenarios, and avail of our Free car disposal services.

    Car Removal Sydney

    Why Choose Hashtag Car Removal?

    Hashtag Car Removal is an environmentally conscious business that aims to preserve the environment with our safe practices in car wrecking.

    We are a well-known and reliable name in the industry and all of our processes are carried out with integrity.

    There are many reasons why we are the first choice of Sydney sider’s

    • We accept cars of every make and model without exceptions
    • We offer obligation-free quotes to customers
    • Pay the highest price in Sydney up to $7,999
    • Handle all of the paperwork
    • Provide 24 hours the same day pick up services all over NSW
    • Offer environmentally friendly auto recycling

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