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  • We buy all makes and models of cars.
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    Get Instant Cash for Your Unwanted, Scrap, Or Old Cars

    We are the # 1 Scrap Car Yard Sydney. We understand how much your vehicle is worth, which is why our staff will pay you the most money for your car, up to $7,999. Avoid the headache of having an old car taking up space in your parking lot by calling Hashtag Car Removal. You can easily turn that unwanted car into cash the same day.

    Our scrap car recycling is environmentally friendly, which means that when we pick up your car, we make sure that our service does not harm the environment. So we pay you top dollar for your car while also protecting the environment – what else you want!

    Scrap Car Yard Sydney

    Get a Free Same Day Car Removal Service by Following These Steps

    • For a quick and free quote, fill out our “Get a Quote” form or phone us.
    • One of our professional staff will contact you within a few minutes.
    • Once you accept our offer, you can book a car inspection for any day, time, or location you’d like. We show up on time and finish the inspection in less than 50 minutes.
    • Following the car inspection, we send an updated quotation to our customers. Finally, if the customer is happy with our service, we will complete the paperwork for free.
    • We pay up to $7,999 at the moment for any junk, old, or unwanted car.

    Sydney’s Best Scrap Yard for Cars, Buses and Trucks

    If you decide to fix the vehicle and make it roadworthy again, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Even if you take the high road and decide to sell it to a private buyer, things aren’t likely to get much simpler.

    The removal of such old cars becomes a huge worry, as towing companies charge a lot of fees to transport a vehicle from one location to another. In addition, it acts as a daily reminder of an expense that has yet to be accounted for individuals whose car has traveled its final mile and is taking up space on their property.

    So, if you live in Sydney and are in this situation, we can assist you with removing an eyesore car from your property without charging any FEES!

    You Receive Unbeatable Cash Offer for Any Car Make or Model

    Our scrap car yard in Sydney accepts vehicles of any make and model, whether you have American, German, Korean, or European.

    So, turn your old, rusty, unwanted, damaged, scrap car into top dollars cash by selling your Toyota, Kia, Honda, MG, BMW, VW, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Proton, Nissan, Mazda, Jeep, Daihatsu, Renault, Holden, etc.

    You Receive Unbeatable Cash Offer for Any Car Make or Model
    What are Scrap Cars?

    What Do Scrap Car Yards Do With Cars?

    Once your car is sent to our scrapyard, our skilled team will drain all fluids and gases, including oil and coolant. After that, everything within the vehicle is examined, from the engine and battery to the electronics and car audio, to ensure that everything is in working order.

    Any working pieces are kept for resale, while dead or irreparable components are tossed to the side for recycling. After the car has been stripped down to its bare shell, it is compacted for recycling, generally with the use of a car crusher.

    What’s left of the metal is then melted down in the scrapyard and repurposed into new material.

    Recycling Scrap Cars in an Environmentally Friendly Way

    Most Australians are unaware that an old scrap car rusting on a piece of land contains a variety of hazardous chemicals and elements that can leach into landfills and destroy our land and water systems.

    At Hashtag Car Removal Sydney, we have implemented an environmentally friendly scrap car recycling procedure that ensures that all of the parts from your scrap cars are recycled and reused in a manner that is safe for the environment.

    Recycling Scrap Cars in an Environmentally Friendly Way

    So, hurry up and contact us to get a free quote on your scrap car!